Back to School Bash

The Back to School Bash began August, 2002 with the beginning of the CAPE (Community Alliance Promoting Education) grant.  The purpose of the Back to School Bash was to celebrate the beginning of a new school year with both school districts participating together.  Community agencies/groups were invited to have informational booths for parents/guardians of students to access information for the coming year.  In the early days, each school of the county had its own booth with games and prizes.  Over the years, this too changed.  In the beginning it was held at the Scott County Fair grounds.  Then, it moved to the Wal-Mart parking lot.  After a number of years at Wal-Mart, the hospital was its partner and we briefly changed the name to the Healthy Start for School Festival.

Overtime, various groups and schools chose to participate or not participate.  Austin decided to host their own Back to School Bash to celebrate and solidify their sense of “family” and connectedness within the district.  After the year at the hospital, the Back to School Bash partner became First Christian Church of Scottsburg.  The Bash is held at the grounds of “The Rock,” the Christian Church’s youth building and shelter house.  This venue is probably the safest and most easily accessible for the participants.  This event will be held in July before the beginning of the school year.  Community groups are welcome to bring a booth, information, and provide giveaways or games that have to do with education.  The Back to School Bash attracts approximately 1200 people each year!  Volunteers are always welcome and recruited for this event. (Contact Jeff Kukuk at Scottsburg First Christian Church for more information.) 812-752-2115