Get Healthy Scott County Coalition

The purpose of GHSC is to empower the community to increase knowledge and opportunities for Scott County residents to start “feeling good” through healthy lifestyle choices.

Vision: “Together Scott County will be a community of abundant life and dignity where recovery is always possible.”

Mission: This groups provides structure and support to individuals, families, and the Scott County community as it relates to substance abuse prevention, treatment, and life-long recovery by:

  • Creating a comprehensive system of care that is easily accessible from multiple entry points without barriers
  • Increasing education and awareness to decrease discrimination and stigma of substance use disorder
  • Considering and treatment childhood trauma as a root cause
  • Mobilizing primary care providers, faith community groups, and service providers to meet basic health and wellness needs

Guiding Principles:

  1. All services respectful and with dignity
  2. Open to all treatment and recovery options
  3. Support the wellness of each other as we support the wellness of others
  4. Value all viewpoints; remove personal biases
  5. Utilize best practices
  6. Inclusive of people affected by Substance Use Disorder
  7. Continuous education of the public about the disease

Meetings: 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month, 12 to 1 pm, at the Lifelong Learning Center in Scottsburg.

Scott County Recovery Oriented System of Care Video