What’s Your Side Effect Videos


While educating young people on the realities of prescription drug abuse is important, research has shown that traditional fear-based anti-drug messaging is not particularly effective. The “What’s Your Side Effect?” approach is to package information on prescription drugs inside a broader message of hope and inspiration, recognizing that drug abuse often originates with emotional, social and psychological factors, not with a lack of information. By inspiring young people to think about their passions and the effect they are having on their community by pursuing those passions, we can redirect their focus and help promote a lifestyle that will reduce abuse risk factors.


The campaign was initially presented in partnership by community organizations in Madison, Morgan, Scott and Pike County as well as the Indiana Prevention Resource Center (IPRC) | Indiana University. The first phase of WYSE was funded through the Partnerships for Success II grant (Read More.)


Join the movement of young people just like you. Raise your right hand and commit to taking your life seriously.

“I do solemnly swear to take myself seriously. I will recognize my talents and not hide them from the world. I will treat myself and others with the respect we, as humans, deserve. I will make healthy choices, avoiding abusing any substance including prescription drugs. I will respect and protect the people I love. I will give back to my community and find ways to make my world a better place. I will forgive myself when I fail and learn from my mistakes. I will recognize that no one is perfect. I will work hard and live with integrity. I will give my very best in the pursuit of my dreams. I pledge all of this because – I am worth it.“