Mission / Vision / Values

“Working Together for a Greater Scott County!”


Scott County is a thriving and inclusive community where residents have the health, education, and financial resources to live their best lives.


The Scott County Partnership is an anchor for community collaboration to promote a better quality of life and improve the overall wellness of our neighbors.


  • SCP values community-minded collaboration as servant leaders. 
  • SCP will be an anchor in the community by forming and maintaining relationships, listening, and responding to community needs, and proactively meeting those needs through progressive, new ideas. 
  • SCP values creative and innovative opportunities to make Scott County a better place to live as whole, where people have educational opportunities and are physically and emotionally healthy, being inclusive of all groups of people in the community, while maintaining neutrality.
  • The SCP believes that everyone deserves to live their best life-whatever that looks like by individual. 
  • The SCP will represent all residents of the county, not just certain interests of some. 
  • SCP will be influential within the community, working with integrity and accountability. The staff will be focused and goal- oriented. 
  • The SCP believes that all members of the community should be empowered to live their best life and treated equally, with compassion and respect

Agency Objectives:

  1. To be a Partnership of community representatives, from both private and public sectors, working together for the purpose of envisioning and planning through identifying local needs and finding assets to create positive solutions.
  2. To coordinate crisis efforts in Scott County through community-wide partnership of caring individuals, organizations, and churches to help those in need and promote self-sufficiency.  
  3. To break down barriers for families trapped in the cycle of dependency and to create systems to increase family self-sufficiency in Scott County.
  4. To strengthen the community by preparing youth with the skills that will enable them to be responsible and contributing members of society.
  5. To coordinate efforts so that Scott County residents have access to quality health care, mental health care, substance misuse prevention, treatment and recovery care, and social policies that will empower people to recover and live their best lives. 
  6. Collaborate with community partners to ensure a variety of employment and training services exist for Scott County residents for the purpose of enhancing their knowledge and skills to ensure maximum employability, self-sufficiency, and a higher quality of life.