Family, Health, & Self-Sufficiency Committee

This committee began as the Clearinghouse Committee. As new programs have been added that fit the community and the health fields, we saw the need to change the name along with vision and mission for this working committee.

Vision of the Family, Health & Self-Sufficiency Committee: Developing Human Capital in Scott County

Family, Health & Self-Sufficiency Committee’s Mission: Partners working to ensure all segments of our community have the opportunity for a high quality of life from birth to death.


  1. Assist Scott County families to become self-sufficient through financial literacy classes, family mentoring programs, and Conquer the CHAOS (Change Happens After Overcoming Struggles).
  2. Increase awareness in Scott County through involvement with CEASe and Get Healthy Scott County, of the magnitude of the substance abuse issues and work toward a coordinated system of prevention, intervention and treatment.

Committee Objectives:

  1. Work with community to provide quality support to “mothers” and babies to create a positive environment for their development.
  2. Create systems and conditions for families and individuals to be self-sufficient.
  3. Work with community to create an environment that supports senior adults while utilizing their unique skills to improve our community.
  4. Work with the community to provide a network of crisis systems and programs to support and protect those who need assistance.
  5. Work with community to provide a Recovery-Oriented System of Care for all ages including substance abuse prevention to treatment to recovery.

“To break down barriers for families trapped in the cycle of dependency and to create systems to increase family self-sufficiency in Scott County.”

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