Workforce Development Committee

This Committee works in tandem with efforts of the Human Resources Committee through the Economic Development Council. Leadership of the Workforce Development Committee also serves on the Human Resources Committee. Programs, trainings and offerings of the Mid-America Science Park and the LifeLong Learning Center are seen as one, large campus from which to provide services. From this perspective, goals of this committee are:

  1. Develop and maintain working relationships with the superintendents, principals and other key personnel of both school districts to create complementary programs and links between the school systems, the LifeLong Learning Center and/or Mid-America Science Park and employers.
  2. Encourage STEM activities with schools (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).
  3. Provide opportunities for those unemployed or unskilled to receive training and support to further their opportunities and become self-sufficient.
  4. Provide opportunities and training for residents of Scott County to increase skills and improve their overall employability.
  5. Assist employers by helping to improve the skills and qualities of Scott County workers.

Workforce Development Committee Notes: September, 21

Workforce Development Committee Roster