Adult Education

The Indiana Department of Work Force Development (DWD), through the Adult Learning Center (ALC) at the Scott County Lifelong Learning Center (SCLLLC) in Scottsburg Indiana, provides learning opportunities for obtaining a a high school equivalency certification (HSE). Call 812-752-6438 or e-mail Carey Nicholson at to determine if this program is right for you.

Indiana’s High School Equivalency (HSE) – How to Get Started

1) Registration Process – Call the ALC at 812-752-6438 for instructions on registration process.

2) Complete “Learners Registration Packet” on-line. You can enter your information right onto the forms. Once forms are completed you can print out your forms and sign wherever indicated and bring the forms with you to the (ALC) Adult Learning Center at the (SCLLLC) Scott County Lifelong Learning Center. Forms are available at ALC for those who do not have access to the internet and/or printer.

3) If you are 16 or 17 you MUST complete and sign an “Exit Interview” form including signatures of Student’s Parent/Guardian, Principal and Superintendant Recommendation. This form can be partially completed on-line, printed out for signatures and brought with you to the ALC. See “Exit Interview Form” or you may obtain one at the ALC.

4) On-Line Assessment  through the TABE (Testing for Adult Basic Education) is scheduled upon receipt of completed “Learners Registration Packet”. TABE must be completed on site at the ALC. Results will determine your level of academic need.

5) Upon completion of TABE you will be informed if you are ready to take the Official  Test. If ready to take Official HSE Test the ALC will provide an Official Practice  Test to determine if, in fact, you are ready to test. If you are ready to test the ALC will instruct you who to contact to schedule the test. The Official Test Fee is currently $70.00. If you need remediation before testing, the ALC will provide access to materials to prepare you to test.

HSE Exam Preparation – Learning Opportunities through On Site

1) HSE Learning Opportunity is current available in Scott County at the Scott County Lifelong Learning Center (SCLLLC) 1092 W. Community Way, Scottsburg IN 47170  (812) 752 6438.

2) The ALC utilizes written materials through Wright Group/McGraw Hill titled Contemporary’s Achieving TABE (Testing for Adult Basic Education) Success.  These materials are formatted in such a way that they prepare you to take the Official Test.  You will be given a “Correlation Sheet” based upon your TABE scores which direct you to the specific areas of these materials in which you need learning.  After 30 t0 40 hours of learning, depending on Grade Equivalent, the ALC will administer a Post Test to determine if you are making academic gains.  Once you achieve and complete an “A Level” status you are prepared to test in that subject area.  If you need help in more than one area of study, you will be directed to the material necessary to get you to the “A Level” status in that area of study.  You continue in this pattern until you gain “A Level” status across all academic disciplines. Once this is achieved the ALC will administer an Official Practice GED Test.  If you pass this test the ALC will direct you on how to schedule your Official GED Test.

HSE Preparation – Distance Learning through Homework

1) If resources are available, students registered in the ABE program can have learning material copied to take home as homework.

2) You must obtain a “HOMEWORKTIMESHEET” from the ALC along with copied material.  You must track your study time accurately on the Timesheet based upon the material you are working on.

3) You must come into the ALC with your completed material and Homework Timesheet at least once a week for review.

HSE Preparation – Learning Opportunities through Internet

1) Students who are Registered in the ABE (Adult Basic Education) Program and meet the requirements of Enrollment (completed at least 12 hours of  classroom learning) and have access to the Internet at home and wish to do Learning Remediation on-line may complete an Internet Orientation and may be assigned a virtual seat (limited) to conduct their learning on-line.

2) ITTS (Instruction Targeted for TABE Success) is an on-line remediation tool that targets specific areas of instruction to strengthen knowledge in those areas.  Academic skill levels from grade 2 through grade 8 can be accommodated through this program.

3) HSE On-Line is another on-line remediation tool targeting academic skill levels of grades 9 through 12. You must accomplish a 9.0 or higher Educational Functioning Level (EFL), determined by your TABE outcomes, to be eligible to participate in the HSE On-Line Program. This program is limited by the number of virtual seats available at any given time.

4) All students who participate in any type of On-line Remediation Program must complete a Post-Test after every 30 to 40 hours of learning. The Post-Test is administered through the ALC and you will be informed to come into the ALC to take the Post-Test. Failure to Post-Test when needed will result in your on-line remediation program being deactivated.

High School Equivalency (HSE) Exam is equivalent to a high school diploma. Individuals who have never obtained a high school diploma and who are at least 16 years of age may be eligible to register in the Adult Basic Education/HSE Classes offered through the Adult Learning Center. Students who are 16 or 17 must provide a completed high school exit form with parent/guardian, high school principle and school district superintendent signatures (click on “Exit Interview Form”).  A student must complete 12 hours of classroom instruction to be automatically enrolled into the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program. To be considered for the Adult Basic Education program, you must first complete a “Learners Registration Packet” (see above “HSE Preparation – How to Get Started”)

The Adult Learning Center offers preparation for the Official HSE Test through workbook activities and other study materials, guidance from on-site accredited instructors and individual tutoring. Classes are currently held in Scottsburg Mondays – Thursdays from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Volunteering at the ALC

Want to make a difference?  The Adult Learning Center needs committed citizens who are interested in volunteering as tutors.  Contact the Adult Learning Center for details.