Nelson Spaulding Community Clearinghouse

Scott County Community Clearinghouse

Location & Hours of Operation

1057 West Community Way, Scottsburg

Monday 9-1
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 9-1
Thursday 9-12 & 5-7

Open to accept donations on the 4th Friday of the month from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Beth Trabue – director
Mary Holwager – Client Services


About the Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse is both a System and a Building. It is an idea of “One Stop” service to meet the needs of families seeking help from a system that sometimes seems uncooperative or overwhelming.

The mission statement for the Scott County Community Clearinghouse is:

“To coordinate crisis efforts in Scott County through a community-wide partnership of caring individuals, organizations and churches to help those in need.”

The Building

The Scott County Community Clearinghouse is a 3500 square foot building located on Community Drive near the new YMCA and the Life Long Learning Center. It was built in a day through an old fashioned community barn-raiser with over 200 volunteers. There is warehouse space for food storage and distribution, including refrigeration and freezer units.

Help is available to assist families in need with food, clothing, housing and other crisis needs, which interfacing with existing systems to provide everyone an avenue to regain or reach self-sufficiency.

The System

Churches, government, volunteer ministries, other agencies and the state trustee system work together to create a common “clearinghouse” system that communicates verification of need and availability of resources within the community. This curtails misuse of the benevolence systems in place by having information available in a common database. This makes it easier for families in crisis to have their needs met without having to make multiple phone calls and visits. A crisis assistance worker coordinates the needs among a variety of community groups. Families in chronic need are referred to community caseworkers who assist them with overcoming the barriers in their lives that make them self-sufficient.

From the Director

We assist over 1,000 families each year. This translates in approximately 4,000 individuals! Many of the families we help regain self-sufficiency and some have even donated food, money and clothing back to the

Clearinghouse. Some families are linked with mentor churches in a “Friends of the Families” program that assist with ongoing life planning and assistance.

The Clearinghouse is only possible by your support, whether volunteers, donors or organizations.

We enjoy the unique spirit of cooperation amongst the social service providers in Scott County. Families in crisis are referred to community case managers who assist them in getting back on their feet, finding jobs,
securing houses etc.

Just as important, our governmental arm, the County Trustees have been fantastic in their support and involvement. With their help we are saving your tax dollars everyday. Now Trustees, service providers and
vendors share useful information and resources, which aid us in assisting needy families.

Most of all we are blessed to have a team of very active volunteers from the faith community. They give ofthemselves to help others. Without them we would not be able to keep our doors open. Our volunteers save the county thousands of dollars each month in wages. These people work only to help people, not to earn wages. If they were actually paid staff, it would cost the county more than $3,000 a month in pay and benefits. That just further highlights the power of volunteers!

The many churches in our county are vital partners who provide not only volunteer support, but also money to help those in need. Churches have provided valuable cash resources to the Clearinghouse. It takes money to care for the sick and needy. The donations of money, food, clothing and volunteers have provided the backbone of the Clearinghouse care network

Local businesses have also made their impact in the donation of supplies and money. The most significant food support has been from Morgan Foods, in Austin, who has supplied tons of food from their warehouse floors every year.

Community Funders help to keep the doors open. Every time you give to the Scott County Community Foundation, or the Salvation Army Christmas bell ringers, or to Kids First, you have an opportunity to be a part of this amazing effort.

It takes all of us working together to make the Clearinghouse idea… real. It is a concept which takesvision, volunteers, money, faith and a dash of unselfishness to make it work. Scott County has what it takes… from creating a building in a day; to a place that cares for those in need.

Thank you for making the Clearinghouse a reality!

Gleaners Mobile Food Pantry


                                                 Scott County Moble Pantry Schedule

1st Thursday each month:   

First Christian Church Shelter House in Scottsburg (for ages 55 and over)

750 South Gardner (US31) Scottsburg               10am – 12pm or whenever food runs out

Door opens at 7:30am and we begin taking names and giving out numbers, seating is available while you wait

Clearinghouse Wish List


  • Pasta
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Ramen
  • Box meals (hamburger helper, etc.)
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Laundry Soap
  • Toilet Paper
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly
  • Jiffy Mix
  • Gravy and Sauce Mixes
  • Cake Mix
  • “pop top” ready to eat food (for homeless clients)
  • Tuna

and of course Volunteers! 🙂                        VolunteersFoodDrive