Stand With Us Positive Social Norms

Stand With Us Campaign and Pledge: This is a media campaign with one PSA targeting 12-16 year olds and the other targeting 17-25 year olds. Its message stresses that “most of us are avoiding the dangers of prescription drug abuse” and has a call to action to sign the pledge.


Join the movement of young people just like you. Raise your right hand and commit to taking your life seriously.

“I do solemnly swear to take myself seriously. I will recognize my talents and not hide them from the world. I will treat myself and others with the respect we, as humans, deserve. I will make healthy choices, avoiding abusing any substance including prescription drugs. I will respect and protect the people I love. I will give back to my community and find ways to make my world a better place. I will forgive myself when I fail and learn from my mistakes. I will recognize that no one is perfect. I will work hard and live with integrity. I will give my very best in the pursuit of my dreams. I pledge all of this because – I am worth it.“