Online Orientation Registration Instructions

Read Carefully, Print Form, Sign, Date and Return to Adult Learning Center


Complete and Print all Forms and Return them to the Adult Learning Center (ALC).

Click Learners Registration Packet


Call ALC (812 752 6438) to schedule a time to take your Locator Test and/or your Online TABE “Test of Adult Basic Education” test.  You must come into the ALC to take your Locator and/or TABE tests.  If you have been in a GED Program or similar program before, please submit to the ALC whatever materials you may have from your previous participation.


Program Overview

 It takes 12 hours of classroom participation to be officially enrolled in Adult Basic Education (ABE).

  • The Locator Test and Online TABE Test are academic assessment tools which provides the ALC with academic information used to determine your placement in a Level Learning Program.  The Locator Test takes 37 minutes to complete and the TABE takes nearly 2 hours to complete.
  • Progress is monitored and goals are set through an Adult Learning Plan – ALP (ABE is a self-paced program).  An ALP is completed after 12 hours of classroom participation and updated as needed.
  • The Adult Learning Center’s (ALC) normal hours of operation are 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Thursday each week, unless otherwise posted.  The ALC follows SCSD2 for weather closings ONLY.    See “2013 GED Information Sheet
  • ALC utilizes Tutors, Group Learning, Teaching (Math & Language Arts are taught on a regular basis) to facilitate the learning process.

ALC’s Expectations are;


That you be willing to commit at least 50 total hours to the program, attending at least 12 hours per week.  If you do not complete 12 hours per week in class or in combination with an Online On-Task remediation program, you will be considered “Absent”.  Your record will be reviewed to determine if intervention is needed.  If you do not maintain a minimum attendance of 12 hours or more per week for 2 consecutive weeks, you will be considered “Inactive”.  If Inactive, you may be asked to exit the program.  Miss more than 90 consecutive days and you will automatically be placed in “Exit” status and required to start over through Orientation and TABE testing.

After accumulating a minimum of 30 to 40  hours of learning/instruction time, Post Testing (PT) in your Lowest Level Subject matter will be administered at the ALC.  At that time you may feel ready to take the GED Test; when you think you are ready to take the GED Test, we suggest you take an Official Practice GED Test first (available through ALC at no cost) before attempting the actual GED Test.  If you take the Practice GED and the results indicate you are ready to test, the ALC will direct you to an authorized facility to schedule an Official GED Test.  The Scott County Lifelong Learning Center (SCLLLC) is an Official Test Site.  Administrators of the Test visit the SCLLLC on a quarterly basis.  Click “Q4 GED Test Scedule“.

When attending classes in-house you are required to sign in and sign out (measured in 1 min. increments).  New State policy requires we manage every minute a student is learning.  That is why we have sign-in, sign-out procedures.  As a result, you must hold your breaks to a minimum.  10 minutes should be more than enough time to take a break. 

Learning materials are not to be taken out of the ALC.  If necessary and you are sincere about completing the work, the ALC might print copies of needed material to take with you, this depends upon limited resources.  Click Homework Timesheet for material to track your homework.

If you are having trouble with your learning and need help,ask for it.  Please inform an ALC staff member. We are here to help.  We ask that you please follow Campus Rules and Rules of Respect* for Teachers, Peers, Yourself & Property (Outlined Below)

Campus Rules and Rules of Respect*

  • All Student Parking is in the furthest lot, no parking allowed behind building or in short term parking
  • You must enter & exit through front doors only (opened by 8 am, unless posted otherwise), all other Entry & Exits are for Staff & Emergency Use Only
  • This is a community building shared by others, please remain quiet in hallways as much as possible
  • As of January 1st 2012, The Scott County Partnership initiated a new “Tobacco-Free Campus” policy.  The entire campus is now Tobacco-Free.  If you smoke or chew you must now do so inside your car or go off campus.  In other words, no smoking or chewing will be allowed inside or on the Lifelong Learning Center campus.  If caught smoking or chewing on campus, you risk being dismissed from the Adult Basic Education Program.
  • No lewd or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. conduct yourself with respect at all times
  • ALL Adult Learning Center computers are to be used for Testing or ITTS/GED On-Line Learning ONLY,  Not to be used for Personal Internet Surfing or any other non-GED oriented usage
  • Cell phones are to be kept on vibrate or silence while in Adult Learning Center
  • Music only with headphones on a level that cannot be heard by others
  • Snacks & drinks are permitted but you are responsible to keep eating and drinking areas clean.  Break Room is available for purchase of snacks/sodas.  The refrigerator is for Staff Members Only
  • Safeguard your personal items; there are no lockers to secure your valuables

Have any Questions?  Be sure to bring them up when you submit this document to the ALC.


List of Learner Registration Forms

1)                 “Learners Registration Forms, 4 pages

2)                 “Region 10 Adult Education Attendance Policy

3)                 “Exit Interview Form” with necessary signature

4)                 “Classroom Management Guidelines



What Next?


Call ALC to Schedule Locator & On-Line TABE Tests

Once Testing is complete, you will receive your Assessment/Placement results and begin classes

 ITTS Online Remediation & GED Online Learning opportunities are available for individuals who complete 12 hours of in-house learning and who have direct access to a computer with high speed internet.  If interested, once you reach your 12 hours of in-house learning let an ALC staff member know of your interest and they will determine availability for participation.


            Information on IVY Tech Entrance Exam called “

 WIN” (Worldwide Interactive Network) is an On-Line Workplace Readiness Tool (Work One)




Adult Basic Education Staff:

Dennis R. Thomas, Instructor of Adult Basic Education

Tony Flowers, IT Specialist of Adult Basic Education


Contact New Hope Services for the CONNECTIONS Program;  Click “CONNECTIONS Program” to find out more information.  If you are a pregnant or parenting teen (girl or boy) you may be eligible for monetary assistance to pay your GED Test Fee of $70.00.


WorkOne Services.  If unemployed and under age 22, you may qualify for additional assistance through the DWD ‘WIA Grant’ (Workforce Investment Act).  If you are interested in employment opportunities call the Work One Office at 812 752 0369 for information or click “Work One

After I have read all the “Online Adult Basic Education Orientation Instructions”.  I will ask for clarification on any part of this form that I do not understand.  I will print out, sign and date this form, “Online Orientation Acknowledgment Form.”  And I agree to submit it to the Adult Learning Center.


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  1. I am wanting to get information for my daughter to get tested and signed up to prepare for the GED test. What do i have to do to accomplish this task? Please email me any form we would need to fill out as i cant get them off the web sight for some reason. Thank you

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