Bell Ringing

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply sign up for a date, time and location that’s convenient for you. A kettle and bell will at your location when you arrive. If there is already a ringer there, just let them know you are the next scheduled volunteer and take over for them. Then, start ringing with a smile. Wish shoppers a “Merry Christmas” and thank people for their donation.
Volunteers can sign up for a minimum shift of two hours. To make it even more fun, we encourage you to find someone to ring with you.
Yes, it does. If you would like to schedule community service hours, indicate this in the notes or comments field when you select your shift. If you have a form that you need signed for documentation, please bring the form by the Clearinghouse during a time following your shift.
The kettle is securely locked onto the stand, and only Salvation Army staff may remove it. If the next ringer has arrived, simply give them the bell. If no one has come to replace you or collect the equipment (last shift of the day), please place the bell next to the kettle, and you may leave. Volunteers are not responsible for “standing guard” over the kettle once their shift is finished.
If you are unable to make your scheduled ringing time, please call the Scott County Clearinghouse office at 812-752-0123.

How to be a Volunteer Bell Ringer

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